Its distinctive design makes AURAY the centre of attraction in executive offices and meeting rooms.

The chair’s high-quality finishes, topographic padding and high-quality upholstery materials combine to create an attractive whole.

The swivel chair with a high backrest in leather is the highlight of the design Family.

Important management decisions demand a strong backbone and a clear head.

The AURAY conference chair creates the ideal conditions for just that – sitting comfortably in an attractive and inspiring ambience.


Ingenious design – from the inset headrest right down to the striking star base:

AURAY offers perfection in every detail.

The frame and armrests are available in a glossy chrome finish and in textured paint in black or white – to suit your personal taste and coordinate with the furnishings.


The advantages of AURAY

Clear, sleek design and definitive elegance.


The striking frame, curved armrests with leather

pads, subtly designed mechanism and designer

castors with a diameter of 65 mm lend AURAY its

own distinctive character.


The seat can be tilted forward by 7 °.


AURAY has been tested for user weights up to 130 kg.


Select materials that have been carefully crafted to create a solid foundation.


Whether it be a swivel chair with a high backrest

and integrated headrest, a task chair with a low

backrest or a conference chair – AURAY always

creates a distinguished atmosphere.