The best thing for a work-life balance is a working environment in which you just feel good.

That’s exactly what LIFE.S was designed for.

The impressive, fresh design uses organic shapes and modern finishes.

Furthermore the workstation system is suitable for a variety of applications, is modular for easy extension, and features many useful accessories to allow individual design.

For an atmosphere in which everyone can concentrate on their work and feel motivated.


LIFE.S  shows off its versatility when used as a team workstation.

The workstations can be used as starter desks and extensions, allowing flexible addition and rearrangement, and wiring is straightforward.

Different organiser elements are available, such as magnetic boards, coat hooks or mobile phone holders, so that you can customise your workstation.

There are various screens that attach to the desk top and offer visual screening.

LIFE.S is ideal for new challenges and exciting projects.

Table program LIFE.S 2.jpg