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This is not just a phrase, but our mission.


Many employees do not feel well at the office and have problems with their body health.

This is due to the fact that very often chair and  table are not in the right relationship to each other.


Tall people sit too low, small people sit too high. After some years the body feels this discrepancy, and back or neck pain is the result.


Another reason for feeling bad at work is the lack of motion. During the whole day we sit too much. We sit in the car or train, we sit at work, and we sit at home while we eat or watch television.

The anatomy of a human being demands activity. The nature built us for running, climbing and stretching. Sitting is a process that was given to us by the modern work life.

When we sit too much, and have not enough movement or sports, the muscles of our body become weak, and can not carry our weight anymore.


We want to show a concept how people can avoid this painful experience, with products that support the natural motion process of a human being and give flexibility.


Products that can be stylish and useful, that we feel at home at the office

"OYO" chair
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