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Motortables for working in standing and sitting positions

" The next position is the best position..."

A sentence which is truely right. Working the whole day in a static or fixed position is not healthy for anybody.

Motortables from R+R Concept unite functionality with design.

The table tops are made from high quality Laminat in various colors.

The tables have a memory pad to memorise four positions. 

The user can change his position with just one touch...

More stable table, 3 columns..jpg
Double workstation 3 columns.jpg

The concept is to create single workstations, double workstations and core corner workstations.


Modesty panels and third level panels can be easily fixed, and help to reduce the noise in an office.


Double workstation with separation panel.


Pad for changing the height.- four heights can be programmed- the display shows the current height


Cable duct to organise cables under the desk.

Frame color: black

Table top : anthracite

Height of work surface: 650 – 1300mm with top plate 30mm; stroke 650mm

Speed: 40mm/s, Super Soft-Start-Stop

Power: 230V AC, 300W, 0,3W standby consumption

Drive: two synchronized motors with microprocessor control, thermal sensor

Noise level: 50dB

Frame: Powder coated steel

Recommended table sizes: Depth 600 – 800mm, length 1200 – 2000mm

Lifting power: 100 kg (distributed load).

Intelligent System Protection: anti-collision system

Column: 3 profiles 60/60; 50/50mm

Feet: 750x70x30mm with level adjustment, Adjustable feet ∅50

Standards: ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3

Directives: 2006/95EC, UL 508:1999, UL 1004 R705:1994, WE DC 2004/108/WE

TABLE SPECIFICATION - Table size : 1600mm x 800mm x 25mm- All tables with cable duct and memory height adjustment pad

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