Working is being redefined.
And now the office is too.


With the TEAM. WORK. SPACE concept, König + Neurath has implemented the requirements

for tomorrow’s office with a consistent and integrative strategy.
TEAM.WORK.SPACE is the new energy for the office. With building blocks for a working environment

that meets the requirements of employees from different generations and also those of companies.
TEAM.WORK.SPACE meets all the needs when it comes to pioneering office architecture:

The system is made up of static and mobile elements.
The user can adapt the environment to suit personal needs.
It allows for a variety of working methods and forms.
The room configuration can be changed to meet new requirements.
The system is open to accommodate the working methods of the future.
It promotes health and reduces stress.
space for concentrated working
There are zones that are screened off for individual working, where you can think, research, write …

space for communicative work
Areas for team and group work provide an opportunity for exchanging ideas, brainstorming or meetings.

space for creative work

Areas with enough space and technology – so that you can have good ideas and put them into practice. emotionally

As a result of the design and functions, it is possible to create an environment where people feel comfortable.


The furniture modules are manufactured in processes that conserve resources as much as possible, and use environmentally friendly, recyclable materials. Furthermore they are particularly robust and durable.


It is easy to integrate technology and adapt it to on-site conditions.


New ways of designing offices

It used to be the case that the key point of all considerations was the architectural parameters – the bottom line was: how much space do we need ?

Today it is increasingly a matter of the emotional situation: what type of space do we need ?


For the design of tomorrow’s office that means we can’t just look at the desk and its immediate surroundings, we have to think of the workplace as a whole.

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