The TEAM.WORK.SPACE bridge is available in heights of 640 mm and 865 mm.

The bridge offers a range of accessories

to meet all requirements: power and data cabling,

lighting, whiteboards and flat screen arms.

There are also lecterns and various top-boxes. Sockets can also be incorporated into the bridge.


Side-screens and corner screens are connected by

magnets to the desk side-frame.

Desk-mounted screens and fly-by screens are also available in an acoustic version.

Floor-standing cupboards and top boxes provide storage space directly at the workstation.

The bridges can be ordered as complete items.

Once the top panel has been selected, cables and

sockets can be specified as individual items. Horizontal and vertical wire management is concealed behind the steel cladding.

Top-boxes can be used in single-sided or double-sided configurations; they can have a cable grommet in the bottom panel. Cables run from the top-box through the full-length slit in the cover panel and into the bridge.



ACTA.PLUS floor-standing cupboards are vailable in heights to match the bridge, and can be used in singlesided or double-sided configurations.

As an option, fabric-covered back panels can be specified.








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