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Elegant, functional, versatile.



the range includes three systems with a coordinated look in thicknesses of 50, 30 and 25 mm, which complement each other.


With the help of this system, you will be able to individually improve office spaces of any size in such a way as to create an efficient and pleasant working environment in them.

Darba vieta ar paneļiem
INSIDE 25 mm


a screen system that adapts to any situation and offers additional functions.


INSIDE the series offers everything you need to effectively and aesthetically structure office spaces - from screens and modules with acoustic properties to fly-by panels. You can also easily integrate the relevant organizational elements. This is how you can decorate your free space using only one source.

INSIDE 50 mm 

An open space where privacy is ensured.


Thanks to the fabric-covered acoustic screens, disturbing noises and conversations from neighboring workstations remain outside your zone.

The acoustics of the room in general are also improved.

As a result, you will be able to focus better on doing your work, and at the same time, the space is fully utilized. A particularly practical feature is that all elements are available with snap-on infill panels.

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