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It's not just a statement, it's our mission.


Many employees do not feel well in the office and have problems with their physical health. This is because very often chairs and tables are not compatible with each other.


Tall people sit too low, short people sit too high. After a few years, the body feels this discrepancy, back and neck pain occurs.

Another reason for feeling bad at work is lack of movement. We sit too much everyday. We sit in the car or train, we sit at work and we sit at home when we eat or watch television. The anatomy of a human being requires activity. Our natural build is designed for running, climbing and stretching. Sitting is a process that modern working life has developed.

If we sit too much and do not exercise or train, the body's muscles become weak and can no longer support our weight.

We want to show a way that people can avoid this painful experience by using products that are adapted to the natural movement process of the human being and provide flexibility.


Products can be modern and useful at the same time, so that we feel at home in the office.

Oyo biroja krēsls
"OYO" chair
Oyo biroja krēsls
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