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PUREis3 is made to sit and made to move.


Unlike other chairs, PUREis3 is completely designed with active people in mind.


This approach has required a complete reinvention of the "office chair". PUREis3 adapts to the user, his body and movements, without requiring time-consuming adjustments.


Heavy and complicated mechanisms are no longer needed.


PUREis3 not only provides a wide range of motion, but also that the user is always comfortable to sit, can be active and will always be sufficiently supported.




The main part of the chair "Smart Spring" is made of a special polyamide/glass fiber connection, which allows PURE to dynamically adapt to the user's body, weight and movements.


The smart spring not only defines the visual appearance of the PURE, but also supports the entire chair and provides an impressive range of motion, including in directions not possible on other chairs.


You will be able to enjoy a truly three-dimensional sitting experience without any additional adjustments.




Prolonged static sitting can be very harmful to your health. However, research - conducted by Fraunhofer IAO and in particular by the University of Tübingen - shows that just two hours of moderate physical activity per day is enough to offset the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

For many years, Interstuhl has collaborated with Fraunhofer IAO to turn scientific discoveries into practical solutions.

Three factors that benefit health

Activation- PURE ensures that sitting is never static. Frequent changes in sitting position keep the muscles active and mobilize the legs, hips and spine.

Freedom– PURE guarantees that the user is never forced into an uncomfortable position, so there will be no blood flow disturbances and the chair will even improve blood circulation. At the same time, PURE does not hinder the user when he wants to move.

Comfort- PURE guarantees constant and firm support in all movements. And since the ergonomics of a chair can only work properly if it is properly adjusted, the PUREis3 does it for you – completely automatically.


It is not the chair itself that improves the state of health, but the movement possibilities it provides. PURE makes every effort to ensure that the user is unburdened and active.

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